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Helping your employees begin a successful career transition

Helping Your Employees Begin a Successful Career Transition

In today’s ever changing world of work companies are often faced with difficult decisions. Having to make a reduction in workforce can prove to be one of the most difficult. For your employees, a successful career transition begins at the notification. Notifying your employees of their career transition benefits is a layered process that takes planning. Providing comprehensive and timely information to your exiting employees is just one step towards a successful notification. Here are four steps to help you craft a smooth notification while at the same time adding value to your company.

By providing career transition services to your exiting employees, you can:

  • Demonstrate corporate responsibility and values which support employee and customer loyalty.

  • Maintain the trust and confidence of your remaining workforce.

  • Confirm commitment to employees' success, even through the end of employment.

  • Reduce unemployment claims and voluntary resignations.

Early and frequent conversations relating to a reduction-in-force, job elimination or negotiated termination, enables tailored solutions to best meet your needs. We can provide:

  • Manager notification training to prepare managers for communicating effectively with the departing employees.

  • On-site assistance on the date of notification.

  • Change management sessions for remaining employees.

  • Key insights on best practices within your industry.

Whether you're notifying one employee, or 100, informing Torchiana of the notification details - including employee names, contact information, and outplacement program levels - results in a seamless transition for you and your affected employees. By supplying with this critical information up front, we can:

  • Connect your employees to resources without any delay.

  • Help your employees to begin planning for the future.

  • Provide expert advice on time sensitive search activities like an exit statement and elevator pitch.

Exiting an employee is never easy. With the right support, this often difficult decision can lead to positive outcomes for the impacted employee.

  • 96% of our participants are very satisfied with their program.

  • Our participants land new positions twice as fast as the average job seeker.

  • 80% of our participants land new positions at equal or greater compensation.

For nearly four decades Torchiana has been the trusted partner to thousands of Bay Area companies during times of change. Partnering with companies to achieve the best possible outcomes is our passion. To learn more about how we can help you and your employees ride the waves of change at work visit