Mastering a Career Development Mindset

Mastering a Career Development Mindset

Torchiana's Top Career Development Tips 

Career Development is a mindset that must be built, flexed and mastered. Whether you are working through a career transition or proactively planning your next career move there is no time like the present to exercise this muscle.  In recognition of National Career Development Week we asked our expert Career Coaches to share their best Career Development and Job Search advice. We hope these tips are inspirational and can be used to practice a mindset that will help you continuously grow and develop. 

"Growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone.  During the job search, go where other candidates fear to go.  Your boldness will pay off by setting you apart from the crowd."

~Curt Mandell 

"We, as humans, are hard-wired to help each other, and when you make this your focus, you change every aspect of your job hunt because you can begin harnessing the power of helping! This is the key to understanding how hiring really happens, and the "secret sauce" to finding, landing, and sustaining good work today. Truthfully, it’s crucial that you make this fundamental FLIP in your mindset from what help you can GET from those hiring, to what help you can GIVE to those hiring."

~Erica Golden 

 "Moving ahead in your current company, or seeking a new position elsewhere, both flow best when you stick to your plan, know your values and successes, and confidently express yourself, even if you’re shy. Getting more comfortable with discomfort is empowering!"

~Bob Loftis 

“Curiosity breeds personal and professional growth.”

~Paulette Clements 

"As the huge majority of humans, I mean nearly 100%, are not at all comfortable or good at selling themselves, the ability to do so is key when pursuing job opportunities. Reflect on your greatest attributes as a person and a professional, think of how you stand apart from others who do what you do, and articulate well how you can make a true difference. In other words, formulate and distill down a personal brand. Again most do not have a clue, so if you do, you are way ahead of most others!"

~Dave Forster 

"At the end of each interview rather than asking ‘what the next step is’ ask ‘Do you see me as a candidate moving forward?’"

~Sharon Truex 

"Don't use your resume as a place to describe everything you've ever done. Instead, use it as a way to communicate the results you can bring to the company you are interested in!"

~Gail Finger 

"Treat the job search as a job in itself.   Plan the work and work the plan! The better your system for planning and executing your job search, the higher the probability of you landing the type of  job that you really want."

~Curt Mandell 

“Negotiation begins with the very first contact! “

~Rebecca Kieler 

“Don't let your lack of confidence get in the way of taking on challenges.” 

~Rose Baldwin 

“Give yourself permission not to be perfect, practice self-compassion.”

~ Luis Velasquez  

The experts agree that getting comfortable by tackling new challenges with confidence and staying curious supports a healthy Career Development mindset. At Torchiana we are committed to supporting you in your career journey and beyond. Follow us on social media for daily updates on career related topics and trends.