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Torchiana offers customized career transition and outplacement solutions.



Whether you’re looking for a similar role, making a career shift, starting an entrepreneurial effort, considering professional consulting, or exploring retirement, we can help. We know that you have a unique set of skills and talents that make you “one-of-a-kind,” and we’ll provide the tools and personalized support to help you achieve your career goals and thrive.


Experience the benefits of our proven approach, local expertise and personalized coaching.

96% of Torchiana outplacement participants are very satisfied.

96% of our participants are very satisfied with their program and would repeat the experience.

Torchiana outplacement participants land new positions twice as fast.

Participants land new positions twice as fast as the average job seeker.

80% of Torchiana outplacement participants land positions at equal or greater compensation.

80% of our participants land new positions at equal or greater compensation.



We meet you where you are, and provide a proven framework for career transitions to help you achieve your goals, with easy-to-use customizable tools for each step of the way. Leveraging what we call our “A+ Approach” (Adapt - Accelerate - Achieve), our coaches will guide you through the process, including assessing your skills and goals, polishing your resume, preparing for interviews, negotiating offers, and any other career guidance you may need.

Torchiana’s Career Transition Framework: Adapt - Accelerate - Achieve.

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We’re available to meet with you in San Francisco, the East Bay, Silicon Valley, by phone or via online video.

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