Understanding the New Science of Recruitment

Recruiting highly talented employees has become more than an art, it has now become a science. Taking a scientific approach means utilizing a number of strong measureable recruitment and selection strategies in order to attract candidates to your organization. Years ago, behavioral descriptive interviewing was introduced and has proven to be remarkably successful in helping organizations select the best candidate with the right fit for any position. The science has grown exponentially since then and there are now several more-effective recruitment and selection strategies that are far more advanced than simply asking the right questions.

For instance, in my professional practice one of the first steps I take is to identify the organizational culture as well as the cultural and skill competencies required for success. This then gives our recruiters the guidelines by which to compare candidates.

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About the author: Paul Croteau, managing partner, is known as one of Manitoba’s leading executive search professionals. His more than 25 years of experience in the recruitment of senior management and executive leadership professionals are the foundation to his solid reputation for developing a deep understanding of his clients’ needs, enabling him to provide exceptional service and successfully meet the complex challenge of matching the right leader to his clients’ business needs.