Raising the Leadership Bar ™

One of the most critical challenges facing companies today is strengthening and retaining Leadership talent. Dr. Richard Mirabile created Raising the Leadership Bar™ to address this challenge with a program specifically designed for Director-level leaders and above, as well as high potential talent. Raising the Leadership Bar™provides a comprehensive and carefully designed set of learning and development experiences with a singular objective – to accelerate Leadership growth.

Key program features include:

  • Knowledge and interactive sessions designed to expand foundational Leadership capabilities.
  • Business application to each participant’s particular set of circumstances.
  • Development of a personalized Leadership Agenda, a plan for accelerating Leadership growth and strengthening Leadership impact.
  • Tools for increasing influence, strengthening focus and alignment processes, improving decision making, sharpening business acumen, and leading change.
  • Individual and team problem solving and learning experiences.
  • Daily journaling sessions to create a personalized set of learning insights.

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Manager as Coach Learning Series (MACLS) ®

MACLS transforms participants into coaches by providing practical knowledge and essential resources to improve both individual and organizational performances. Experiential sessions allow participants to immediately transfer learning into practice. Tailoring MACLS to the organization’s specific needs further enhances its relevancy, sustainability and impact on business performance.
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Create Your Career GPS ™

With Create Your Career GPS™ employees are engaged, reinvigorated and renewed as they acknowledge workplace trends, identify their passions and talents, and discover how they can best align their career goals with their organization’s strategic objectives and business goals. This is an encouraging interactive program consisting of workshops, individual coaching and an invitation to join a peer group for ongoing support.
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Knowledge Transfer

From retiring baby boomers to Millennials who change jobs frequently to on-boarding talent in new roles, the transfer of knowledge is a critical issue for every organization. Mitigate the risks and preserve your organization’s unique knowledge with a high-impact process for knowledge transfer that improves productivity and engages employees. The 3-step Knowledge Transfer process helps organizations to assess talent risks, internally share knowledge and reduce the loss of talent and experience.
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Insights – People Development

Understand Yourselves and Others. Gain a deep insight into yourself and your colleagues. Uncover meaning in preferences and behavior. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships. With Insights, you will:

  • Understand your unique personality
  • Develop your interpersonal skills
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Create better personal and professional relationships
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Strategic Communications

Being an excellent leader requires communication that exceeds rudimentary conversation and mediocre interaction. More often than not, problems arise between employers and employees, as well as peers, customers and boards, due to lack of proper communication. Opinions may be lost because of fear of rejection, and ideas are often hushed because of poor communication practices.
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