Outplacement Program Participant Feedback

“My consultant was a master at coaching, hand-holding, and working through all the practical and strategic ups and downs. I could not have done it without him!”

“Very good information and support!  Not a “one size fits all” approach.”

“My consultant is very effective with her role as career counselor. She was able to help me regain my confidence and identify my strengths. She is an excellent coach.”

“You guys were awesome in every way. The web portal and tools are very helpful. Thank you!”

“I do appreciate the help and support that my consultant and the rest of the team provided. I’ve had only one other experience with an outplacement service company and that was in the form of a group meeting discussing strategies for job search. I appreciate the personalized approach that your company takes.”

“This service absolutely exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed with the professionalism, quality, and usefulness of the resources given.”

“I would never have imagined how valuable this service was to me. I’m usually pretty tough on surveys, but I can’t think of a single thing that wasn’t top-notch. My consultant is absolutely amazing. She really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and gave me the tools and confidence to get and nail my interviews. She was absolutely invaluable in my search, my self-esteem, my presentation, and my success. I have learned SO much throughout this process. Even before I got my current job (I am on day 5 of work), I was singing Torchiana’s praises. Absolutely fabulous.”

“Consulting seminar has great content — helps you really think about whether consulting will work for you and gives you all of the tools to help make that decision. Great job in involving the class and weaving in examples that clarified the discussions.”

“When you are let go from your job everything changes, even when you think that you might be ready, it is hard. So having someone help you, with building your resume and giving you advice on how to get back in the looking-for-a-job world again, it helps. So with that said, yes, I would recommend this service.”

“Plentiful resources and very helpful career consultants far exceeded my expectations. I really appreciated the helpful feedback to keep the process of my career transition in flow.”

“Entrepreneurial Program had much greater value than I initially thought. Excellent content, very informative, well-structured and thought-provoking. Well-presented, clear and concise. Informal structure allows for lots of discussion.”

The two primary consultants that I worked with are a cut above; they are genuine in their level of care. Often this level of care only comes from Family or Friends. I really appreciate their support in this stressful and trying time. They served me as a beacon of light and helped me feel much better about my situation than I originally did. I will always remember this.”