Frequently Asked Questions

What is “outplacement”?
Outplacement services are corporate sponsored paid benefits that are provided to you at no charge. You are at a career cross road and we are the support team to help you get prepared and plan your next move, whether it is employment with a new company, an entrepreneurial endeavor, a career change, or retirement planning.

Why would a former employer pay for this help?
Many employers care what happens to good employees they can no longer retain.  They want you to do well in the future and to compete successfully in today’s marketplace.  They value your brand loyalty and hope to continue the relationship as potential referral partners and shareholders.  Ultimately they hope for a positive transition and know that our assistance helps.

How will you benefit from outplacement?
The job market is competitive, interviewing techniques are more sophisticated and companies are looking for individuals who demonstrate the ability to thrive in the results-driven workplace.  We’ll help you:

  • Develop your career strategy based on where and what you’ve been doing, where you want to go and how you will get there.
  • Prepare for your job search including self-assessments, resume development, marketing campaign, social media usage, interview preparation, job-offer evaluation and negotiations.
  • Sell yourself to potential employers or clients.  This includes developing your personal brand and sales pitch to stand out against the competition.
  • Tap into the hidden job market.
  • Utilize social media.  Take in-depth training in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and other networking sites
  • Practice answering the tough questions.  Why should we hire you? Why are you looking for a job? Test your responses with our experienced career consultants.
  • Access a variety of tools and resources through the Momentum™ On-line Career Portal.  This technology portal is available 24×7 with databases, tools, on-line workshops, career advice, tips, samples, resources, links and much more.

How will my career consultant help me?
You will meet one-on-one with an assigned experienced career consultant to partner with you on a meaningful and efficient work transition.  Whether you are looking at finding a similar job, starting a business or consulting, exploring a career change, or retiring, we start with your needs.  The career consultants have deep expertise and networks to offer what you need, when and where you need it with access to proprietary tools and valuable resources.

Who is Torchiana?
Torchiana is a premier San Francisco Bay Area organization celebrating 34 years providing outplacement-career transition and executive coaching services in our San Francisco, San Ramon, and Santa Clara offices.  We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality personal consulting and state-of-the art technology to assist you in maximizing your individual success.

How do I arrange to begin my services?
Please call 800-509-4169 to set a meeting with a career consultant and have any questions you have answered.