Effectively transitioning employees, whether out of the organization or into new roles within the company, can be a challenging endeavor. Torchiana-CPI helps employers successfully transition workers by providing quality outplacement / career transition and redeployment services that position employees for career success and enhance the company’s employment brand.  Providing an array of services and expert consultation, we can address the most complex of transitions to constructively support all who are involved.

Outplacement – Career Transition

In today’s economy, layoffs are a complicated yet frequent occurrence. For the employer, careful planning and flawless implementation are required to prevent erosion of the business, as well as the organization’s standing in the community. For displaced employees, high levels of unemployment leave many feeling that they have few options for alternative employment or that their careers have been derailed.  For remaining employees, uncertainty levels can rise significantly and productivity levels may decline considerably. The bottom line: these situations can leave many individuals, whether leaving or staying, with a sense of frustration, fear and anxiety. Providing quality Outplacement – Career Transition services from Torchiana-CPI helps transitioning employees understand that career changes don’t have to be career-ending. Our career consultants, experienced in virtually every industry, provide transition candidates with the type of support that helps them ease their anxieties and gain a better foothold on their next role or career path.  Also, with the best consultant-candidate ratio in the field, candidates receive one-on-one, face-to-face assistance ensuring their programs are personalized to their specific situation.  Additional resources, such as our proprietary online career portal, Momentum™, offer candidates 24-7 access to training modules and multiple tools for job search assistance, personal branding, resume writing, company intelligence database searches, networking, and more. In addition, we assist employers with planning, implementation and post-layoff actions needed to support the organization’s ongoing business.  From training managers on how to deliver transition messages, to onsite support during the notification process, to follow-up workshops to re-engage and re-focus current employees, our expert career consultants help employers move the organization forward in a professional and productive manner.

Career Centers

More and more organizations are looking for cost-effective solutions for helping their employees develop and-or transition their careers.  Career Centers are often the perfect answer.  As a flexible, scalable venue, Career Centers can include a wide range of program and service offerings including workshops and trainings; individual assessments and one-on-one consultation; e-learning classes and technology resources.

Programs and Services: Torchiana-CPI has been working closely with Bay Area employers since 1980.  Our team of seasoned professionals can build a customized Career Center to meet all of your organizational needs.   They can be set up on or near the work site to provide maximum convenience for employees.

For Career Development: Organizations have become keenly aware that investing in employee career development can boost recruitment, retention, and succession planning efforts.  As the talent shortage increases, employee development will become more important than ever.  Career Centers offer an ideal way to provide employees with the training, support, and resources necessary meet evolving organizational goals.

For Career Transition: When re-engineering or downsizing efforts impact a significant number of employees, Career Centers are an effective and efficient way to deliver services. They provide all the resources necessary for employees to make a smooth career transition.  And, because they are highly visible, they promote goodwill among the impacted employees, the retained employees, and the community at large.

Redeployment, Transfers and Promotions

Transitioning into new roles, new departments, new careers, or new locations can be exciting and even challenging at times. To help employees transition and on-board to be productive more quickly, we offer multiple resources that help employers communicate changes, retrain workers, prepare employees for new roles, and manage integration within the organization. Our transition programs promote timely assimilation to bolster the employee’s confidence, morale and contributions to the organization’s success.

Spouse – Partner Relocation

Since most households today are supported by two working professionals, promotions or transfers requiring physical relocation could hamper a career.  To avoid such a hardship and alleviate the worries of relocating employees so they can focus on their new endeavor, our career consultants located around the world assist trailing spouses and partners in transitioning their careers and adapting to their new environments.

Retirement Planning

“Retirement” no longer means that a person stops working; rather, it is considered a period of transition where an individual re-focuses and re-balances his or her lifestyle to align with personal circumstances. New Horizons – Mapping Your Life Options®, a special program for the mature workforce, helps employees prepare for this transition by assessing their retirement readiness and strategically planning for a future aligned with their changing lifestyle to bring renewed fulfillment. In working with consultants certified in New Horizons – Mapping your Life Options®, participants create a self-portrait of personal needs that guides them toward becoming fully invested in a new and rewarding lifestyle of their own design.

Change Management

More than ever before organizations are, and will continue to be, in a constant state of change due to a variety of factors, including global competition, technological advancements and shareholder expectations. Change is among the most stressful experiences that individuals and organizations go through.  And, while leadership and employees are becoming more accustom to change, they are not necessarily learning how to embrace and master change in a way that provides maximum benefit to the organization.

Strengthening Organizational Culture and Performance Through Change
Change handled poorly can derail an organization, resulting in lost productivity, fractured teams, low employee morale, high turnover and significant expense. Change handled successfully can result in heightened employee involvement, commitment, and trust. It can help create greater organizational agility, enhanced organizational effectiveness, and a culture where change is not only accepted, but welcomed.

Programs and Services
We have coached and advised companies whose workforces have been impacted by all types of change events, including mergers and acquisitions, globalization, organizational re-engineering, and downsizing. Our Change Management programs are designed to help your organization deal with the human side of change.  We work with you to assess your organizational needs as well as your company’s culture, values and people.  We offer on-site or off-site workshops and trainings for all levels of your organization, from senior leadership to individual contributors. Because every major change effort is multi-layered and complex, our programs are tailored to your specific needs before, during and after the change event.

Torchiana-CPI Advantage

With a global reach of experts around the world and a multitude of resources, clients of Torchiana-CPI help their employees adjust more quickly and effectively to transitions, and help themselves maintain a balanced and motivated workforce for business success. To learn more about our capabilities, please contact us at 1-800-509-4169