Having the right talent in place is only part of the equation for success. Building employee capabilities to develop a leadership pipeline is a vital part of the equation too!

Helping employees remain adept and achieve their full potential to contribute to the success of the company assists organizations in achieving optimal performance and competitiveness now as well as in the future. Employees, at all levels, value a plan for their continued growth and development which promotes retention, another essential ingredient especially when it comes to critical roles and key talent.

Torchiana-CPI partners with employers to foster their employees’ professional growth and build leadership pipelines.  From executive coaching to leadership development, our seasoned experts embrace our clients’ business strategies and deliver services that challenge their employees to achieve their highest potential. In addition, we provide measurement techniques that can demonstrate to top management a quantifiable return on talent investment.  With the help of our talent development experts, we can put your employees on a career track to keep them engaged in the growth of the organization, challenged to succeed in their career path and even give you a competitive advantage in attracting top talent.

Executive Coaching

A process of facilitating awareness, building skills and advancing behavioral change for individuals, executive coaching is an integral and effective means to enhance performance to reach higher levels of leadership and organizational effectiveness. Read More

Leader Development and Coaching

Today’s business environment requires leaders who can effectively introduce new strategies, implement changes, engage the workforce and move their businesses beyond the competition.  Read More


Raising the Leadership Bar™
One of the most critical challenges facing companies today is strengthening and retaining Leadership talent.  Dr. Richard Mirabile created Raising the Leadership Bar™ to address this challenge with a program specifically designed for Director-level leaders and above, as well as high potential talent.  Read More

Manager as Coach Learning Series (MACLS) ®
MACLS transforms participants into coaches by providing practical knowledge and essential resources to improve both individual and organizational performances.   Read More

Create Your Career GPS™
With Create Your Career GPS™ employees are engaged, reinvigorated and renewed as they acknowledge workplace trends, identify their passions and talents, and discover how they can best align their career goals with their organization’s strategic objectives and business goals. Read More

Knowledge Transfer
From retiring baby boomers to Millennials who change jobs frequently to on-boarding talent in new roles, the transfer of knowledge is a critical issue for every organization.   Read More

Insights People Development
Understand Yourselves and Others.  Gain a deep insight into yourself and your colleagues.  Read More

Strategic Communications

Being an excellent leader requires communication that exceeds rudimentary conversation and mediocre interaction. More often than not, problems arise between employers and employees, as well as peers, customers and boards, due to lack of proper.  Opinions may be lost because of fear of rejection, and ideas are often hushed because of poor practices.  Read More

Leadership Assessment

Leadership selection and development is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s organizations.   Read More

Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are a part of organizational life.  When group meetings are facilitated by an outside expert, the organization’s time and resources are used more effectively and efficiently.   Read More


In today’s competitive market, upgrading skills gives job seekers a marked advantage. Torchiana-CPI provides online courses and development opportunities to transitioning employees.   Read More

Team Building and Development

Achieving organizational success requires a team effort! Yet having a shared objective is not enough to break down barriers that may exist and unite individuals to work together effectively.  Read More

Torchiana-CPI Advantage

Our global presence allows us to leverage worldwide expertise to develop and grow individuals, teams, leaders and executives.  Our experts bring different regional and cultural perspectives to enhance the development and career planning experiences for both the employer and the employee. With so many resources available in different parts of the globe, we can make any development initiative as local or as broad as the employer desires.

To learn more about our capabilities, please contact us at 1-800-509-4169.